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We design and build sophisticated turnkey poultry facilities that improve  production and reduce costs  

PTN's Poultry experts have designed and manufacture poultry houses and innovative equipment to improve productivity and decrease running costs.   Easy clean to meet strict bio security, easy to install and built to last.  

Our Poultry Advisors can help you achieve the best possible results, whether it is a new or existing project you want to take to another level.  

Poultry Equipment Systems:

PTN supply a full range of Poultry Equipment: 

Feeding Systems

Drinking Systems 

Ventilation Systems





Specialist Parts

Poultry Housing / Turnkey 

PTN's modern Poultry Facilities are built to last using the latest technology.  These sophisticated buildings and equipment provide the optimal environment to increase production.  They achieve outstanding results, with a large reduction in energy and labour costs.  

Together, our poultry housing and specialist poultry equipment achieve the best results as they have been  designed by our Engineers and Poultry Pioneers to work cohesively.

Let us help you to achieve your production potential.


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