about - ptn

PTN was established in 2005 by Steve Cottam and Frank Ermerins, both have vast backgrounds in poultry, manufacturing, construction and mechanical design.
Having collectively 50+ years’ experience, Steve and Frank used their expertise to identify where improvements were needed in poultry sheds and the equipment within and got to work on creating superior, cost effective designs. It is this Kiwi ingenuity that has them constantly working on new products to bring to the market.

Here at PTN Innovation we are that voice in the industry asking “Can this be done better?, Can bird health be improved?, Can farms be made more efficient?".  For decades, these questions have driven our New Zealand-based team of problem-solvers to craft a range of poultry feeders, drinkers and ventilation systems that are transforming poultry farms all over the globe.

Our long-lasting products are designed to improve bird health, reduce energy costs and make farming a more profitable, Earth-friendly endeavour.  Whether it’s our volume-based drinkers that improve birds’ intake experience and help keep barns drier, our 360-degree feeders that improve the distribution of feed or our automated ventilation systems that offer a larger volume of air, we pay attention to the small details because this is where farmers can gain the edge.

Our commitment to you is competitive pricing and knowing that when you've got PTN products in your sheds, you know you're giving your birds the best.

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