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We have an extensive range of specialist poultry equipment including feeders, drinkers and ventilation products such as light traps, covers and inlets.

All of our products are New Zealand designed and made, easy to install and clean and are available worldwide.

Let us help improve your production and cut down your costs.


PTN ILT600 Inlet

New improved inlet

  • Larger volume of air per inlet
  • Aerodynamic airflow direction
  • Easy to clean to achieve hygiene standards
  • Improved ceiling directional adjustments
  • Ability to direct airflow to a lower level
  • Easily maintained
  • Ideal for free range pop outs
  • Can be roof mounted
  • Multi-function for poultry and pigs
  • PTN IC600 Inlet Cover

    Sleek design with the highest UV rating

  • The length of the front radius will reduce the amount of rain sucked into the inlets
  • Easy to install
  • Fits up to 600mm inlet
  • Combine two for up to 1200mm
  • Easy cleaning
  • PTN LT600 Light Trap

    Easy clean light traps

  • Achieves blackout without any significant loss of airflow
  • The LT600 in combination with extraction fan blackouts enables the grower to operate 24/7 Light Progam to maximise growing performance
  • LT600 can easily be fully dismantled without any tools to be cleaned
  • Designed as a modular system, can be interlocked to achieve a variety of sizes
  • Without LT600, light visible from the outside during night time attracts large numbers of insects. Insects die and are eaten by livestock causing bacteria such as campylobacter.

    PTN Tri-HF Drinker

    The first major development in drinkers in many years

  • Same volume and pressure at each nipple
  • No drinker line supports needed
  • No over line clamps for cups
  • New cup system to improve drinking and reduce splash
  • Ability to alter volume and pressure automatically to suit the consumption needs of the birds
  • Ability to record consumption per line
  • Ability to alarm and stop flow in each line
  • Very easy to clean to achieve hygiene standards

    PTN HP1020 Hexi Pan

    PTN Hexi Pan does it all!

  • More actual feeding space for the birds
  • More feed storage
  • Larger quantity of feed available
  • Even flooding of Pan
  • Easy access for chicks with 360 degree distribution of feed
  • Pellets remain intact
  • Easy replacement for ALL existing feed pans (clips onto line)
  • Easy clean